The message

Farmers and fishermen are the only providers of our food for life. Do we want to support our local producers or fatten international companies that crush down into poverty whole populations on every continent, poison the people, the oceans, the soil and the very air we breathe ? The responsibility is in our hands.


  • It is becoming urgent that we eat healthier and locally produced food.


  • Environmental problems and non-respect for human rights are often linked.


  • When food production is controlled by international economic and political entities, the consequences are soil deterioration, pollution due to intensive agriculture and neglect of local products.



How it all started

In September 1999, when the association Un Repas Pour Notre Avenir was founded, the event that we set up in Geneva cristallised our desire to support educational projects that would become part of an international network of skills. This event attracted thousands, and was a success with its 1400 meters long table around the lakeside in central Geneva, bringing together all kinds of partners and friends involved in making a better world …

The following year, in “Palexpo” — Geneva’s main exhibition hall — we managed to set up our event as simultaneous in Douala, Calcutta, Bucarest, Bern







After two events, our supportive fundraising had borne its fruit and we did not pursue. However, in 2006, several partners suggested that we make the event happen again and we agreed, but on condition of giving it more meaning. Soon after that, several meetings had already happened with leaders of inspiring projects, such as Almir Surui, chief of an Indian tribe in Amazonia, and Rajagopal, who organises in long marches in India to support peasants deprived of their land.

  • In 2012, our international action became known as “THE MEAL”, it was shared in 31 places and collected €18 900, of which 55% went to the globally supported project, the logistics of the great Indian march, Ektaparishad.
  • In 2013, 49 places spread over 4 continents raised € 28 000, of which 30% supported that year’s chosen global project, presented by Fondation Sentinelles.
  • In 2014, 58 places spread over 4 continents raised € 32 000, of which 27% supported that year’s chosen global project, Walipinas in Bolivia and Nepal, presented by Association Voix Libres
  • In 2015, together with Alternatiba, 53 places spread over 4 continents raised € 29 000, of which €17 000 helped to launch an agricultural cooperative for women in Benin, presented by Pont Universel.
  • In 2016, we will be part of the educational project linked to saving Lake Inle in the Burmese area of Myanmar, sauvetage du lac Inle