Freddie Perdo – Nicaragua

michel baumann

Freddie Perdo – Nicaragua


I am shooting a documentary on a homless kid named FREDDIE PERDO in Nicaragua who break dances and sniffs glue to past the time. I need your help to finish shooting his story and share it with his country. The trailer to the doc(which is posted below) has already made Freddie a local celebrity in Nicaragua with it recieving  over 100,000 views on Facebook. I recieve messages daily from people in Nicaragua expressing their gratitude for sharing his story and yearning for the full documentary!

Thanks to a referal from my good friend Brittany I visited Nicaragua this spring. I always have my GoPro camera handy to docmument Hip Hop. Never did I think that would lead me to adopting a few homeless kids for a weekend and have an incredible story their country is waiting to hear! I have spoken to local organizations there who work with homeless youth who have seen the trailer on facebook and we have great hope we can create a sustainable solution for these kids! I return next week so I thank you in advance for your donation and sending of good energy!




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